Chedgrave Information                                                                                                 Chedgrave 

The village of Chedgrave has a population of around 985 see Chedgrave Parish Information.

Chedgrave dog jetThis is me, Jet, when I was a baby. I'm bigger now and enjoy walking parts of the Wherryman's Way - I often meet my doggy friends there too.

My very favourite place is near Chedgrave Common where there's a little beach where me and my cousin Max (he's brown) love to swim. You need to be careful though - Max had a nasty slip into the water further along and couldn't get out - he had to be pulled out.

Chedgrave Common is a great place to run around, lots of bracken and open space, there's also a nice pond if you like to pond-dip (i'd like to but I'm not allowed). Max is partial to pond-dipping but gets all black and slimy.

Having Computer problems around the Chedgrave area? This guy can usually help..